The book called the game about dating

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Generally, the men who get into pickup are considerate but bumbling nerds, socially awkward but romantic college students, and older men who have given their wives all of their attention only to be divorced for some jerk.

In short, all those adorable nice guys women say they want all the time but are never actually attracted to (to paraphrase Strauss).

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It was a matter of respect to understand how the other sex thought.Then they hear of some guy saying he can teach them how to be successful with women, whether that means sleeping around, finding the girl of their dreams and marrying her, or simply being able to talk to women without freezing up.It is difficult to convey to a woman just how redemptive that promise is to a guy who would break into cold sweats at the sight of any female.Pickup is based on teaching men how to be attractive to women.As women are attracted to self-assured, confident, put-together men, pickup is largely about cultivating an attitude of self-confidence and positivity.

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