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That’s about per number; but then you’re likely to have 9 numbers too many, unless you are sure you’ll want to do more than one book.Nowhere does Bowker advertise that you CAN get only one ISBN from them for 5. You have to call this Bowker number (877-310-7333; select option #4 in the voicemail) and ask them to fax you an application to apply for one ISBN number.In fact for better or worse, the only way you can purchase my books is via Amazon.As a side benefit, by focusing all my sales via Amazon, tiny advances in sales are magnified by Amazon’s sales rank, which garner it more attention, more links via recommendations, which increases sales in the hoped for virtuous circle. They take 55% of the “official” price (not the sale price but the price you originally determine).Three versions of the Educator’s Package are available—one for elementary and high school teachers and youth groups; another for corporate trainers and human resources executives; and a third for use in correctional institutions and by those working in the field of criminal rehabilitation.A comprehensive curriculum using an interactive approach with audiovisual aids and practical activities designed to fully engage students.By having my stuff on Amazon, Amazon’s mighty enterprise became my shipper (they are very good at this), so the only place I have to ship my copies to is to their warehouse.More importantly, as popular as my website may or may not be, it doesn’t compare to the traffic headed to Amazon to search for books and DVDs.

I’ve had numerous requests from readers for the secrets of getting their self-published material on Amazon.By having my stuff pop up among the big publisher’s offerings for “similar books” or even in reader’s lists and guides, my titles gain a greater chance to be seen and ordered.In a certain way, unless your stuff is available on Amazon, it ain’t available.Every book (in fact every version of a book) has its own number.On its webpage Bowker requires you to purchase a minimum block of 10 ISBNs for 5; sign up here.

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