Peter andre dating rubber band dating

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Amid rumours of infidelity, Katie terminated a pregnancy and the couple finally split when she went ahead with a photoshoot after he told her not to.Dwight Yorke Katie and footballer Dwight Yorke had an on-off relationship from around 2001 to 2002 and it resulted in Katie’s eldest son Harvey.Never one to let his fans down, the entertainer went back to perform at the venue where he was introduced to Emily. A willowy brunette, with brains as well as beauty, she was keen to follow her father into medicine and was studying at Bristol University.Best of all as the eldest of five children, who grew up in Bridgwater, Somerset, she came from the kind of warm family environment that he felt mirrored his own upbringing.Sadly, Katie claims the footballer was unable to accept Harvey, who was born blind and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome.Most recently, she branded Dwight a ‘d**k’ but said the door was always open for him to visit his 15-year-old son.Life couldn't be sweeter as Peter embarks on a new chapter with the girl of his dreams.Katie Price has had her fair share of romance and heartbreak over the years.

Gary Bolingbroke The electrician first met the model, known as Jordan, when she was 17 and he was 27.

"Honestly I don't think I could have got through it without Emily," he admitted.

"I would have gone into my own shell." Their daughter was born in January 2014 In 2013 pregnancy rumours began to surround the couple, with a spokesperson later confirming the news, saying, "It is true that they are expecting a baby, they are over the moon." Peter's ex-wife Katie, who was also pregnant, tweeted her best wishes to the couple, "Genuine congratulations to Pete and Emily and I hope they are very happy – kids excited xxx" The couple's daughter Amelia was born the following year on 7 January.

While the singer has now finished his Arena tour, he might be spotted in the audience of Dancing On Ice, supporting his new girlfriend Elen as she takes to the ice when the ITV show starts on January 9th.

What should have been a stressful experience for Peter Andre turned out to be a gift when he met the love of his life Emily Mac Donagh.

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