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Firefox does not interfere with IE or its settings.

One more thing, you can save web pages in MHTML format using Firefox and later open them using IE Hamlius.....

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I have also been looking at possibly switching to Linux Desktop. And, will have to learn a different OS, as well as, application compatibility and availability. How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows XP - Worth reading: Nothing. After that, go to to add un MHT addon, by clicking "Add to firefox". Resource ID from v_R_System sys JOIN v_Add_Remove_Programs arp ON sys. Resource ID WHERE Display Name0 = @displayname)We had seen a few posts around the internet where people are asking the differences between the various Add_Remove_Programs data within the System Center Configuration Manager database. We are delighted to announce our new filestore microsite which we have now launched and is available at https://filestore.All our new downloads will now be uploaded to this microsite and we...When you try to connect select Microsoft owned domains such as or right now in Firefox, you may get a Secure Connection Failed error.SQL Azure Adventure Works community sample databases can be downloaded from here. Download the Adventure Works 2008 family of sample databases separately.SQL Server 2005 product samples can still be downloaded and separately Adventure Works for SQL Server 2005.

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