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As part of the agreement, NYBC is providing million in funding to The HSUS, which has agreed to assume permanent responsibility for providing lifetime care for the chimpanzees.

Essentially, the groups are splitting the costs for long-term care.

While it is true that I’m a versatile artist, I cannot say this single is different for the others. During the process of cutting the record, Shine P and I had numerous conversations about music and life and how artists need to connect the two; so we decided to make something real, something that people see every day. It will come with catch vibes and it will range from Afrobeat to dancehall and more.

Tito Gee: It took little about two weeks to do this song.

Ed Sheeran has a sweet new music video for "What Do I Know? After visiting Liberia on behalf of Comic Relief's fundraising efforts, the singer created a video montage of his trip by piecing together different clips of the young men and women he spoke with alongside his latest track off his album Divide.

“There’s now a clear pathway to care for these chimpanzees in the decades ahead.” Some of the chimpanzees could live for another 40 years or more.The rapper, who is currently working on his first studio album, talked about the message behind this new song and his upcoming album. When I was recording this song I decided that I wanted to create something that would relate to everyone. Tito Gee: I’m still working on it; almost done but don’t have a name yet.Usually, when I’m doing a record, I think about a lot of people, and how it will connect to my fans. However, the album will constitute songs ranging from my life and everything that happens from day to day.‘Fullor place,’ Tito Gee’s newest single is now out.The single comes with all the ingredients that make for a good song, including catchy verses that anyone can easy sing along to.

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