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Also, does anyone have any other ideas as to where I can find info on him?? Thank you My father Karol PJOSEK was born in Jablonka, Austria-Hungary on 17 December 1885. 4/23/2008 AM great idea with your website, wish you very very success in finding your relatives in Eastern Europe:-) and sorry, little mistake in a word CIRKEVN, CIRKEVN and so E, thanks:-) noosha czechia - Fri.

4/18/2008 9:9 AM Looking for Halko, Nicholas Anna Kochan son Theodore there were more children but names unknown.

Jeanne Gyurik Allen Jeanne Gyurik Allen Flanders, NJ USA - Sun. I desperately need to contact the administration of Nova Sedlica. His name was Andras Csurlik and was born around November 29, 1879 in Hanusovce nad Toplou. if you haven't received my email, and i sent it to one you no longer use my email address is; [email protected] cholock st. 5/5/2008 PM This site and Juraj Cisarik's site are terrific. Anyone needed research done in Slovakia or wanting to visit there should contact Juraj ( I have heard from my many clients that you gave them very good reference about my tour-guiding and archive searching services in Slovakia, best regards, Juraj Cisarik Kosice, Slovakia searching in the state archives and finding your family tree 1780-1900. My great grandmother Eva married a Andrew Kochen who was from the area but do not know what village. Sorry to hear that Smolnik does not exist anymore , but loved to see the pictures of the area.

My mother was Irene SANDOR,my gradfather Mihaly SANDOR, my maternal grandmother Ilona ZAJACZ. At the time communication with relatives was dangerous for them and we lost contact. The Chech Military headquarter claims that he can't find records for this. Joseph was interested in music and may have come from a musically inclined family. Does anyone have relatives there and does anyone have pictures of Hostovice that I could send to my Godmother's daughter living in Cambria County, PA. 7/23/2007 PM Lisa Webber Wellington, New Zealand - Mon. The worked the coal mines in Centralia Pennsylvania before coming to Montana around 1889-1900. I have been trying to trace our family tree, and that is as far as I have been able to go.

Any information about ancestors or relatives will be most appreciated Eva Rezek Buenos Aires, Argentina - Sat. Michael Sura from Kosice done my Genealogy research for me and I am well pleased with his work. George Sirko (Surname originally Szirka, Sirka) George CA USA - Mon. 7/23/2007 PM My great grandfather was born in Hanusovce Nad Toplou in 1863. I was just hoping that I could here from someone about helping me locate my slovak roots. 7/23/2007 AM Greg Lucotch Lewistown, MT USA - Mon. Does anyone out there have information that will tie to this family?

I have gone thru the Evangelical church records from LDS but he was not listed. (During one day of my research for you I guarantee to find minimum 10-15 new persons in your family tree.) - tourist guiding with my car, when you will come to Slovakia - my personal visit of your village and asking people there about their family trees and taking pictures of the village, churches, graves in cemeteries. 5/2/2008 3:0 AM Bill - Always a pleasure to come back to your site. 4/26/2008 10:1 PM I will glad to hear something about MENDELOVIC family from KLENOVA (near snina). If possible I would like to have any pictures of the village of Smolnik as it was before.

Does anyone know the address of the town registry in Hanusovce where I might write to see if he is listed in the registry??? 7/12/2008 AM If any one who reads this and can shed any light on my sur name: PJOSEK, please respond to me? I continue to look for Balog/Kassi/Firda relatives from Valaskovce. Thanks for the great website Linda Dahl Hibbing, MN USA - Wed.

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