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It doesn’t involve swinging watches, Svengali or other mumbo jumbo that is based in pseudo-science or entertainment.

We will get into this more and more as this article continues but for now, it is important that you understand that hypnotherapy is not “therapy” itself but instead, a tool that is used as a therapy adjunct.

Some of the material make strike you as common sense while other areas will give you pause for reflection.

Read them all in order to better understand their meaning.

Hypnosis is great for removing addictions as it talks directly with your subconscious mind.

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I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Illinois and am a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. In my work as a clinician, I am often asked about erotic hypnosis by clients who are seeking to better to make improvements in their sex life and to intensify the orgasmic experience with a partner.

At the time, many in the medical community challenged his assertions with some suggesting it was the stuff of quackery.

In this way, it was thought of in the same way some people think of astrology, such as Scorpio Symbolism or Taurus personality traits.

Believe it or not, hypnosis has been around for thousands of years with history variations of hypnosis and hypnotherapy back to the time of the ancient Hindus and Greeks.

It has gone by many different names, including “temple sleep”, “magnetic therapy” and “mesmerism”.

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