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The 22-year-old messaged the adults, posing as children, asking if they wanted to have sex, adding: 'You are 14, I could go to jail for this.' Guardians of the North tracked where the messages were coming from and turned up at the B&B Matranxhi was staying in, in Percy Main, North Tyneside.

They detained him and held him to the floor until police arrived and arrested him - finding two condoms in his pockets.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested 20 suspected gang members, including 13 Albanians, in Athens last week as well as shutting down four forgery laboratories.

The task force, Project Invigor, which assisted Greek police, recovered hundreds of fake passports, ID documents, including British driving licences, 55,000 euros (£48,568) in cash and a gun from their workshops.

Edwuart Matranxhi, 22, believed he was speaking to a pair of schoolgirls called Laura and Louise when he arranged to meet them in Sunderland on June 30.

But he didn't realise he had actually been talking to Guardians of the North - a vigilante group set up to expose child sex offenders.

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Police have busted a Greek smuggling gang who sold fake passports to illegal Albanian migrants for £4,000 each in the hope of reaching the UK.

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