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There are a few historical records claiming that this law code was translated into Ge'ez and entered Ethiopia around 1450 in the reign of Zara Yaqob.Even so, its first recorded use in the function of a constitution (supreme law of the land) is with Sarsa Dengel beginning in 1563.The second part, concerning issues pertaining to the laity, such as family law, debt, civil administration etc., also drew on these sources, but is attributed in large part to four books referred to as "The Canons of the Kings".Various scholars have identified these books as: 'Ibn 'al-Assal's work is thus heavily influenced by Roman law, the first three of these sources being themselves strongly influenced by Justinian's and earlier law codes.I continue to enjoy the encouraging atmosphere of the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library fostered by its director, Professor Plante, and his Administrative Assistant, Mrs. 3001 Church of garr Amba Mika 3 el, garr Amba, Shoa Parchment, 34 x 30 cm., 14-9 ff., 3 cols., 34-36 lines, l8th c. Ib-l48b: The Faith of the Fathers [Haymanota abaw]. Professor Lanfranco Ricci was also very generous in sending me some out-of- print publications on Ethiopian Studies which were difficult to obtain. In describing and identifying the manuscripts, I have been singularly privileged to profit from Reverend Roger Cowley's wide knowledge of Ethiopian and other Oriental literatures. Now she is able to detect mistakes even in my transliteration of Ge c ez words. Chaine, "Repertoire des salam et malke’e contenus dans les manuscrits ethiopiens des biblioth Eques d'Europe," Revue de 1* Orient Chretien , 2e serie, 8/l8 (1913) pp. Tisserant, Codices aethiopici Vaticani et Borgiani , Barber inianus Orientalis 2, Rossianus 865 , Vatican City 1935-193^ Hammerschmidt (fanasee 1: ) = Ernst Hammerschmidt, Athiopische Handschriften von Tanasee 1: Reisebericht und Beschreibung der Handschriften in dem Kloster des heiligen Gabriel auf der Ins el Kebran, Wolfgang Voigt (ed. In addition, many ecclesiastical books from book stores in Addis Ababa could be made available to me through the friendly help of Dr. Those who have read his numerous contributions in the field would understand why I v appreciate so much his generous cooperation. I am, of course, responsible for all the mistakes she did not detect. 183-203 and 337-357- CSCO = Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium. Dillmann, Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleinanae Oxoniensis . Dillmann, Chrestomathia = Augusto Dillmann, Chrestomathia Aethiopica , Darm- stadt 1967. EMML = Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library, Addis Ababa/Collegeville, Minnesota. Macomber, A Catalogue of Ethiopian Manuscripts Microfilmed for the Ethiopi an Manuscript Microfilm Library , Addis Ababa , and for the Monastic Manuscript Microfilm Library , Collegeville , Vol. Macomber, A Catalogue of Ethiopian Manuscripts Microfilmed for the Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library , Addis Ababa, and for the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library , Collegeville , Vol. EMML 1101-1500 = Volume IV of the preceding, by Getatchew Haile, College- ville 1979. EMML 2001-2500 = Volume VI of the preceding, Collegeville, 1982. Gr Ebaut (Griaule) I = Sylvain Gr Ebaut, Catalogue des manuscrits Ethiopiens de la Collection Griaule , part one, sections I-VI, Universit E de Paris, Travaux et MEmoires de l'Institut d'Ethnologie - XXIX, Paris 1938. ), Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland , Vol.

(Yebe Herenewos Eppis Qoppos za-hagara Edom, rad 3 omu la-gawareyat wa-talawihomu, Orit wa-Nabiyat wa-Wangel sabaku ba-Krestos . l46a-l48a: The Epistle from Heaven [Magefrafa £omar za-waradat em-samay].

This Ge'ez edition, ascribed to Petros Abda Sayd, is a loose translation of Ibn al-'Assal's original, and even diverges significantly in a few places where Petros evidently had some difficulty with the Arabic.

Scholars have stated that the first section (the Ecclesiastical law) was already in use in Ethiopia before this time as part of the Senodos, and that the title Fetha Negest, Laws of the Kings, referred to the second (lay) part, that was new to Ethiopia.

Yebe Qerelos ..., ta^aggawa Krestos ba-dahari mawa'el ba 3 enta madhanitena ...) (8) Ff. Agma Giyorgis was one of the abbots of Dabra Besrat.

Em-nagara qeddus Gorgoreyos gabare mankerat za-nababa ba-gagg^ Manfas Qeddus ba 3 enta telgutu la-Egzi 3 ena I" K" ...) (7) Ff. (Em-magafrefta abaw qeddusan ella yekawwenu sem'a ba 3 enta te^guta Egzi 3 ab[ier qal. The margins are filled with notes of commentary in Amharic. l48b: Note of ownership by-Agma Giyorgis (the spiritual) son of (Abuna) Zena Mareqos.

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