Dk dating Høje-Taastrup

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This includes apartment blocks, terraced housing, areas with single-family houses and allotments, plus the remaining part of the old Valby village, around which the district has formed, intermingled with past and present industrial sites.Valby Hill marks the boundary between Valby and the — more central and more urban — neighbouring Vesterbro district.The produce from this intensely cultivated area was, in fierce competition with the Amager farmers, sold on the market at Amagertorv in Copenhagen, where King Christian IV had granted the Valby farmers trading privileges.In the 17th century, the road to Roskilde was taken through Valby and an inn opened.F L Smidth & Co relocated its activities to a huge site in central Valby in 1956.

Valby became particularly associated with raising poultry which the Valby women sold beside the Caritas Well on Gammeltorv in Copenhagen.With the progressing redevelopment of the Carlsberg area into a new lively, high-density neighbourhood, this is likely to change.Other former industrial sites are also under redevelopment and Valby is today one of the districts in Copenhagen with the fastest growing population.The station was originally meant to serve mostly leisure trips to nearby Frederiksberg; it had a booming traffic in the railway's first years, which however dwindled as the novelty wore off. Jacobsen's son, opened his own brewery at a neighbouring site after a controversy with his father.The station was closed in 1864 when the second main station in Copenhagen opened and the railway was rerouted through Frederiksberg station instead. Jacobsen to the site and he founded his Carlsberg Brewery in 1847 on the eastern slopes of the hill. Over the following decades both breweries grew and were later merged.

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