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The day he informed me of his plans, I jumped off the couch (slight exaggeration) and said, MAN, I WAS THINKING THE SAME.We both high-fived and threw a few ideas around that we’ll pull off depending on what we’re feeling that day.The Psychology Dictionary defines intimacy as, an affectionate or loving personal relationship where those involved have a deep understanding of one another, an emotional closeness.

Couples often spend almost every day together but lack when it comes to quality time spent.I’ll never be the person who will do grander stuff because that’s just not me.But finding newer things that are still low-key but meaningful and different from the routine are now my life’s mission. So perhaps cooking together at least once a month, going for walks (while the weather’s still supportive), grabbing a quick dinner outside some nights instead of ordering in even if it’s from the restaurant downstairs, getting late night coffee (our bodies reject caffeine and we can sleep within seconds of consuming it), hanging out on the balcony with chai and conversation, more scrabble?I think ‘dating’ your spouse/partner/long time commitment person is so important.

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