Dating texting rules

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In these cases, you need a healthy dose of realism.Unless you are months into a serious relationship, there is no way that know whether or not things will work out with this guy; so it is ridiculous to interrupt what you are doing every time your phone goes off.Furthermore, your authenticity will show a man your true self, while your realism will keep in check your tendency to be too forthcoming. This might be "successful" in the sense that it will occasionally keep a man on the hook for a time, but this is only because he wants to prove that you want him; it doesn't make him enjoy you any more.In addition, the whole "hard to get" charade is far too easy to overdo, and you risk making yourself appear uninterested - or worse, cold and boring.

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Would you interrupt your studies for the big exam tomorrow to check a text that you suspect is from your mom, asking how your day was?He's either a player or not interested enough, and either way you do best to forget about him. As you notice the advice differs a little bit from guys to girls.Then why do you feel the need to do it with your cute coworker who you really like and suspect might be into you?Treat these men like the mere friends or acquaintances that they are, until they become something more - at which point text games won't be necessary anyway.

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