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In the days after she went missing, Meagher's ABC 123 colleagues used Twitter to help in the search for her.A Facebook page, "Help us Find Jill Meagher" (now defunct), was started on 23 September in the hope of finding her alive.She stayed in touch with her parents who were by then living again in Perth.In September 2012, she had come back to Melbourne after visiting her father in Perth when he had a bout of ill health.Meagher did not formally move to Australia until 2009 after she met and married Tom Meagher in Ireland in 2008.

The video was handed to them by an employee of the Duchess Boutique, a bridal shop based on Sydney Road near Hope Street.After receiving the video, attention switched to looking for the man in the blue hoodie, though a second search of the Meaghers' flat took place on the evening of 25 September, with more items removed for testing.At about pm on 27 September, police arrested Adrian Ernest Bayley, then 41, at his address in Coburg, and then questioned him at great length.Meagher worked for the ABC in an administrative and occasional on-air role at the 774 ABC Melbourne radio station.After work on 21 September 2012, Meagher went with co-workers from ABC Melbourne to the Brunswick Green bar on Sydney Road, Brunswick, later moving to Bar Etiquette (also in Sydney Road and now closed).

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