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Video from DVD sometimes contains visible artifacts such as color banding, blurriness, blockiness, fuzzy dots, shimmering, missing detail, and even effects such as a face that "floats" behind the rest of the moving picture.It's important to understand that the term "artifact" refers to anything that is not supposed to be in the picture.There are also special application formats for game consoles such as Sony Play Station 2 and Microsoft Xbox.All of the following have been proposed as the words behind the letters DVD. "nothing." The original initialism came from "digital video disc." Some members of the DVD Forum (see 6.1) tried to express how DVD goes far beyond video by retrofitting the painfully contorted phrase "digital versatile disc," but this has never been officially accepted by the DVD Forum as a whole.

DVD has widespread support from all major electronics companies, all major computer hardware companies, and all major movie and music studios.

A report from DVD Forum Steering Committee in 1999 decreed that DVD, as an international standard, is simply three letters.

Nevertheless, Toshiba Note: Most discs do not contain all features (multiple audio/subtitle tracks, seamless branching, parental control, etc.), as each feature must be specially authored. DVD has the capability to produce near-studio-quality video and better-than-CD-quality audio.

It's important to understand the difference between the physical formats (such as DVD-ROM and DVD-R) and the application formats (such as DVD-Video and DVD-Audio). DVD-Video (often simply called DVD) defines how video programs such as movies are stored on disc and played in a DVD-Video player or a DVD computer (see 4.1).

The difference is similar to that between CD-ROM and Audio CD.

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