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We have the last 2 factory original Gemballa wings on sale for only 9.00 plus shipping Gemballa price is 00.00 This is a CLEARANCE SALE on most of our fiberglass parts so we can make room for our polyurethane parts division. However, if your slow response is due to a "skeleton crew" you've had a skeleton crew for years.We have been slow at answering emails and telephone calls due to skeleton crew however we will get to you and most important we always ship your parts. These wings are from Gemballa and will require professional installation, call us for details. All you need to do is simply improve your communication with customers.Both of these can make great presents in the form of a voucher.The ‘Air Experience’ flight is designed to give you a taste of what it is like flying in a microlight.

You then simply call the telephone number given on the voucher to book a date and time. We fly from Stoke Golding Airfield which is famous for being the location where the Battle of Bosworth actually took place, no aeroplanes in 1485 of course. The address is: Stoke Golding Airfield, Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire.

That's where that twin carb head picture is from, sometime in the 60's.

There was at least some versions with a nice looking separate intake manifold and a 2 bbl carb as well.

I'd think the later the version the more difficult interchangeability would be. I know my Dad's Henry J with the flathead version is excellent, smooth and quiet but not a lot of power.

That's why I picked up this F161, trying to convince him we should put it in that or the Jeepster.

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