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This year, we celebrate forty years of effective conservation. Get eagle updates There is a new camera this year watching the same nest but mounted in a new location in the tree.

Audio has been added, we'll have to see what we can hear from the nest.

Immunoblots of L-CAM from embryonic and adult organs indicated that molecules detected in each tissue were L-CAM, and that the antibodies were not simply detecting cross-reacting molecules.

L-CAM was found in low levels on pregastrulation embryos.

In several fully differentiated glandular organs, L-CAM staining was restricted to basal or apical parts of the cell surface.

Analysis of distribution in the adult revealed that L-CAM was present in the stratum germinativum of the skin, in endodermally derived epithelia, in the female reproductive tract, and in the kidneys.Natural struggles will occur and some of the feeding or other wild bird behaviors may be difficult to watch. Watch video » Once pushed to the brink of extinction, the Bald Eagle has made a powerful comeback since the pesticide DDT was banned in the early 1970s.Minnesota has more Bald Eagles than any other state in the lower 48 states.The Somerset Cam overlooks the iconic steeps of Mount Snow’s North Face, Somerset Reservoir and the Grout Pond Recreation Area.Experience the view from the deck of the Bullwheel Restaurant at the summit of Mount Snow, Vermont.

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    All of our camps participate in cooperative group sports programs as well various arts, crafts, and skills building. Family Camp is designed to give all ages the opportunity to have as much fun as children have at Kingsley Pines Camp!

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