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Many people experience chills, sweats and fever, headaches and muscle pain.

In severe cases, you may even feel nausea and diarrhea set in.

The tranquil location next to a golf country club was chosen to give patients a peaceful and private environment.

Upon entering the clinic, patients are greeted with a breathtakingly beautiful interior featuring a sky-like ceiling and a waterfall feature with a calming sound effect.

To retain the intimate atmosphere, Douglasville Dialysis Spa has 10 stations, one-third less than the average facility in Georgia.

Patient privacy is always protected with a staff that is dedicated to providing care in the most elegant and serene atmosphere possible.

Programs are customized and can combine two forms of dialysis for optimal results.

In the elderly population, pneumonia often exhibits much subtler symptoms than in teens and adults.

Therefore, it is extremely important to see a doctor if you notice any sings of infection.

When this happens, breathing is restricted and the body becomes starved for adequate oxygen.

Without treatment, pneumonia can worsen significantly, necessitating hospitalization and even causing death.

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