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Now, you may be wondering why I have been prescribed testosterone and why I seem so keen to get my hands on the stuff.When I had my hormone levels checked back in June, my testosterone levels showed up as very low at 0.5 ng/d L.In fact, a section of the report comes under the heading of A category under attack because thats what it is when those researchers monitored online discussions.Out of 7.2 million dairy postings/conversations there were 172,000 vegan and dairy free threads, 14,200 lactose intolerance and 2,700 dairy alterative threads.But please note, all of you serial committee people who hop from one Board to another (you know who you are! If all dairy farmers instantly thought the idea and visuals were great I would be very worried indeed. The forerunner to the campaign was a very comprehensive 195-page Dairy Market Development report in January of this year by Edelman Intelligence, who are described as tech geeks, political junkies, branding experts and media movers all rolled into one. Their advice was that any collaborative UK dairy campaign must be positive, simple, and loud, and must bring back customers, be visible to dairy farmers, create value for producers and processors, as well as support all dairy categories equally.

Armed with my new prescription I headed off to the pharmacy only to be told there was none in stock so they had to order it in.Looking at the list of all the roles testosterone plays it seems to me that testosterone could actually play an important role in shaping personality and behaviour.Could my lack of assertiveness and general low mood and low energy be down to my pitifully low testosterone levels, I wonder?But for now I am grateful that I finally have all the HRT I need to start my treatment.I have no idea if this particular combination of hormones is going to work or if I will have unpleasant side-effects.

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